Jay J. Armes is an El Paso icon. I know this, you probably already know this, and now, Jimmy Kimmel knows this!

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest Norman Reedus brought up the iconic private detective. Kimmel did not know who Armes was, or maybe he did and was just acting, but Reedus did a pretty good job at describing who he was.

Watch as Kimmel learns about Armes in bewilderment!

How cute is it that Reedus had a Jay J. Armes action figure?

The action figure came out in the 1970s  capitalizing Armes' larger-than-life persona and unique prosthetic hands. An action figure that our very own Fernie got when he got to meet Armes!

Armes is a fascinating and unique figure that we have had the pleasure of hosting in the studio with us; and yes, he's still alive!

Armes is 91, and some facts about him include:

  • At the age of 12, Armes lost both of his hands in an accident involving a dynamite cap explosion. This traumatic event could have limited his future prospects, but instead, it became a turning point in his life.
  • Armes uses prosthetic hooks, which he has mastered to perform a wide variety of tasks. His adaptability and skill with these prosthetics are legendary, enabling him to drive, shoot firearms, and perform intricate detective work.
  • Armes has worked on high-profile cases, including the recovery of Marlon Brando's kidnapped son, Christian Brando, in 1972. His other famous clients include Elvis, Howard Hughes and Elizabeth Taylor!
  • Armes' unique story and investigative work have been featured on various television shows and documentaries. He also had a short-lived TV show in the 1970s called "The Investigators."
  • Armes authored an autobiography titled "Jay J. Armes, Investigator," where he details his life, career, and the challenges he overcame. (Book pictured above)
Only in El Paso via YouTube
Only in El Paso via YouTube
  • Yes, he lived on a "compound" that had wild animals. I like to call him the El Paso Tiger King. He had 22 different species that include panthers, horses, a chimpanzee, ostriches, a puma and a Siberian Tiger that all roam, or use to roam his home in the Lower Valley. He's said that some of his prized animals are freely grazing at his 20,000-acre Three Rivers Ranch in New Mexico.

Over the years, Armes has received numerous accolades for his work as a private investigator and his contributions to the field of private security, but he remains a humble El Paso man at heart.

Jay J. Armes is truly a captivating figure whose story would be perfect for a segment on Jimmy Kimmel's show. Someone let him know, Jimmy's looking for him!

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