It all started with a commercial that sounded a little off to Buzz. It was for Speaking Rock's Selena tribute concert. You know Selena, our Queen and Savior of Tejano music. Duke, being the professional that he is pronounced her name "Se-leh-nah." Now, it may sound a little off, many are used to it being pronounced "Se-lee-na"  but it's not wrong. He pronounced it with a Spanish accent. Many of my family members from Mexico pronounce it with the Spanish accent. I've heard it both ways. But to Buzz, it just sounded wrong!

Then, in came a different debate. How do you pronounce El Paso? Being from El Paso of course I've heard it both ways, I've never thought either way was wrong. Then I came across this tweet from Remezcla, a website geared toward a Latino audience, when I realized people had a problem with the pronunciation of El Paso.

Claudia, is certainly right, everyone has their preferences, there are times where I do say it with the Spanish accent and other times where I don't. Remezcla really didn't need to point out that pronouncing it with an anglicized accent was wrong. I'm El Paso born and raised and I approve of it being said both ways.



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