"Flamin' Hot" the new movie directed by Eva Longoria features the story of a janitor at Frito-Lay who would (allegedly) go on to invent Flamin' Hot Cheetos is now streaming, and it is such a good movie! Despite the fact that Frito-Lay has come out to say that the story isn't true, it's still an inspirational story.

"Flamin' Hot" Dallas Screening And Q&A
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While the credits to the movie rolled, they featured all the Flamin' Hot products that have come out over the years, and one of those tasty inventions? Sushi with Hot Cheeto dust sprinkled on top!

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As a Hot Cheeto lover, I knew that I had to find some of this soon! The only problem is that I don't know if any place here in the Sun City actually makes this!

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That's where you all come in. This morning on air, I mentioned that I wanted to find some sushi that was like this; sprinkled with magical Hot Cheeto dust. And I did get some great responses! Some mentioned that Albertsons and Sam's Club actually sell sushi like this; I can honestly say that the sushi from Albertsons and Sam's Club is really good. Unfortunately I haven't found any there myself!

Others mentioned that a local business named The Munchie Box actually sell a Hot Cheeto roll!

I've actually ordered from The Munchie Box before and loved it, but I never thought to try the Hot Cheeto roll!

So now, the hunt is on for me to find more places in El Paso who sell a sushi roll like this. Someone else also suggested that I just crush up my own Hot Cheetos and get a regular sushi roll and sprinkle the Hot Cheeto dust myself- which actually doesn't sound like a bad idea! If you know where else I can find this type of sushi, let me know in the App Chat!

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