We came in 4th behind Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas as the sunniest city.

Bad news for the city tourism directors maybe but, with an average of over 300 sunny days a year, El Paso is still the "Sun City" for bikers. The weather here for riding is muy bueno.

Regardless of our ranking sun-wise, El Paso is still a great place to live if you're not a fan of rainy or cold weather and if you ride a motorcycle, it's a bikers' paradise. It's sunny and warm here most of the time and our winters are super mild. True, we get a little snow and some freezing temps here and there but ... for the most part ... it's always "riding season". Those other cities may get a few more days of sunshine but, the overall setting doesn't vary too much unless you travel a great distance. Around here, you can enjoy all kinds of conditions without going far at all.

If you like the cold, head north and you can go from mild to cold to "holy crap" inside of 200 miles. If you want consistent warmth, stick around El Paso, and if you want to gradually warm-up as you ride, head west and stop whenever you start sweating. Find more cool, local places to ride here.

Sunny or not, it's never too cold to go for a ride around El Chuco. Plus, as an added bonus, you never have to winterize and store your scooter around here. Unless you're a wimp...


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