The windy season seems to be coming to El Paso a little early and it also seems to be coming in stronger than usual. Be careful driving around in it.

The windy season in El Paso can be brutal, I remember one year we set a record with 84mph gusts and, about 40 miles from here, New Mexico recorded a 104mph gust. During the 2019 season, just getting home turned into an adventure for me one day.

The wind doesn't play in El Paso and between it and the low visibility caused by all the blowing dust and sand, driving can get a little dicey.

High profile vehicles like semi trucks and buses get blown around pretty good and sometimes even get blown over completely. Very small vehicles and motorcycles can also be tossed around.

Here are a few safety tips for driving once the desert hurricane season kicks in ...

  • Slow down
  • Hold The Steering Wheel Correctly
  • Be Careful Exiting Tunnels, Underpasses And Areas Shielded By Big Buildings
  • Watch For Flying Debris, Falling Trees, Signs Blowing Over, Etc.
  • Avoid downed power lines completely
  • Be Extra Careful In Mountain Passes And On Overpasses

When the wind kicks UP, visibility can go DOWN. Turn on your lights, brake and signal a little sooner than usual and use your hazard lights. If it gets way bad, pull over and stop.

If stopping becomes necessary, and you can't get into a parking lot or something similar, be sure you pull as far off the road as possible. Where ever you stop, turn off your lights, set your emergency brake and keep your foot off the brake pedal. 

Other drivers can't see either and may try to follow your lights which will lead to them ramming right into you.  BLACK YOURSELF OUT.

Be as cautious as possible as stopping on or near a highway can bring tragic results.

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