According to Revolver Magazine, here they are ....... and for once, it's a "top whatever" list that I agree with!

Heavy metal, bikes and hot chicks.  The 3 things that make Dubba G truly happy!  (Well, there's 2 more really ... if you count Coors Light and shots!)

Revolver magazine just announced their hottest chicks in rock list for 2012, and they're Pretty much on target with this one!

25 made the list; here are my favorites:


Nita Strauss of The Iron Maidens (15) I love Maiden and now the visual aspects of a Maiden show have become amazingly brighter!


Heidi Sheperd and Carla Harvey from the Butcher Babies.  Ok, I must admit I've never heard of them.  But they're friends with KLAQs Lisa Sanchez, they're definitely hot and and there's two of them!.  Two hotties are always better than 1!!


Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil!  Insanely beautiful, an incredible voice and one of the friendliest rockers I have ever met.  Everytime I've had the pleasure of hanging out with her, she has always been the coolest!


Maria Brink, In This Moment.  There is not one note anywhere on any scale that she cannot hit. There's not one part of her that doesn't hit "10" on any scale either.  She also went to the Christina school of hottness/sexiness/coolness.  Hanging out with her is always like hanging out with a close friend!


Lzzy.  Halestorm.  Yep my girl made the list ... as if there were any doubt ... and took the number 1 spot!   \m/   Another rocker hottie I've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with.  She's got it all .... great voice, great musician, very cool, very down to earth and totally HOT!  I guess I can now officially consider myself a groupie!   Or is stalker more appropriate? (Fortunately, her Mom and brother like me ... hopefully that will grease the wheels a bit!) 

Yep, I'm good with this list!  See who else made it  after you spend a minute with Miss number one!  Congrats Lzzy!