Sometimes you may think your eyes fool you because of how similar locals resemble famous people. There have been a few people in El Paso I have shared that look-a-like to certain celebrities. El Paso has its fair share of people who resemble someone famous.

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Many years ago I had a remote at a dealership that had an employee who to me resembled Ruby Rose. You may remember Ruby Rose as a DJ in real life or as the beautiful prisoner in Orange Is the New Black.

You can see exactly what I mean by clicking here. She wasn't the only local turning heads in El Paso, Texas. Another El Paso woman that has people doing a double-take is Candace Ramirez.

She has been known to be mistaken for Kat Von D, Eva Longoria, and Eva Mendez. You can see it for yourself by roaming over and clicking right here. In the men's department, there are local dudes who can pass as a celebrity look-a-like.

Last week I wanted your opinion on whether Wes looks more like Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers or Jake Gyllenhaal. According to your votes, Wes looks more like Aaron Rodgers. Well, someone else I do know and has been a dear friend for some years now, is Christian Fernandez. Wait, before we get into the story cue the music, directly below.

My friend has a real love for music and a passion for rollerblading. You can catch him at skate parks or skating around downtown. Chris has always resembled a Brandon Boyd look-a-like for quite some time now. He can definitely be mistaken for a Brandon Boyd who you should know sings for Incubus. It's hilarious because when we had our very first introduction that was the first thing that popped into my head. Even other girlfriends of mine thought that too. So, it comes down to your vote and if you also see the Brandon Boyd resemblance in Chris. Place your vote down below if you also see the Brandon Boyd resemblance in Chris.

Brandon Boyd Look-Alike

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