Ever since God gave me this gift of life and my love for all things rock, image along with the music went hand in hand. Some of my all time favorite bands always kept me guessing, and it worked! Bands like Motley Crue and Slipknot, just to name a few have the right idea, keep them guessing!

When I was a teenager my mother never let me or my sister's watch Mtv. Which at the time was the only network that was 100% dedicated to music and the artist. What happened? Well as the wheel of rock continues to roll so does making your look authentic. I believe that when it comes to making music your image can sometimes surpass the work behind it. That sucks.

The thing to remember is to be a true artist. But more importantly creating a stamp of the time you and your music were more than just a side show. Long live the rock n' roll lifestyle of the proud and united till the end of time!