There is a new and safe way to have some fun in the sun in El Paso. This kind of fun involves off-roading in the desert on a UTV while receiving an educational lesson. If you enjoy off-roading but have never experienced it on a UTV, this escapade is one to try. Rent A UTV Off-Road Adventures will take you on 25-mile off-roading and educative escapade in the desert on a UTV. You will be allowed to drive a brand new 2020 Polaris Brand UTV with your family or friends. They have single and four-seater UTV's depending on the size of your party. The maximum group size per vehicle is four riders. You will be taken on a 25-mile adventure of exciting trails through a variety of terrains. They take your party through the back tails of Red Sands since the litter is an eyesore for guests. While you're riding along, the educational part teaches you about the geology, ecosystem, and history of the area. They know the spots to show your kids where ancient fossils lay.

They have an even longer adventure that is 55 miles but isn't offering it at the moment due to Covid-19. Some of their other packages are off-limits since they're using the correct protocol to protect your safety. In between their tours, they properly sanitize all riding gear and contact surfaces for their guest's safety during this pandemic. When you schedule your tour they will be implementing safety procedures when you arrive. Due to Covid-19, they don't allow walk-ups which is why you need to make reservations. You will have your own professional tour guide and be provided with a 2020 model vehicle and all safety gear. They also have other safety guidelines involving young riders. Every rider has to be 46" due to insurance and the manufacturers recommended height. A portion of their rental proceeds is donated to their non-profit organization that provides several free services to our community. If you would like to save some money, enter 120584 a special promo code that will you $10 off.

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