While pursuing Reddit, I stumbled across this interesting question about El Paso nightclubs, check it out below:

The user obviously doesn't live here anymore and is wondering if their favorite places are still open in the Sun City. Other users responded saying that unfortunately, none of those places aren't open anymore.

On that list, I only know of one place- Club 101. But the others- The Realm and Metropolis? I'd never even heard of them! I like how the original poster let us know that The Realm was an "amazing multi story heaven and hell type club". That sounds awesome, I'd totally go a club like that!

Metropolis was apparently off of Lee Trevino; there was no description of what type of club it was but I do like the name!

I know of Club 101, but unfortunately for me, I never got the chance to go when it was in downtown EP- but I hear that it was legendary! If you remember any of these three clubs, I'd like some more information! What were the vibes? Do you have pictures? Hit us up on our App Chat and tell us your great stories about these clubs in El Paso's heyday.

On a regular Friday evening, I used to love going out to dance. I'd meet up with my friends and we'd hit Pride Square and I'd dance the night away. Unfortunately for me, I never got to experience The Realm, Metropolis or Club 101 and I'm super invested now! It's been about way over a year that I've hit up my usual watering holes, and today I found myself missing those days after seeing this Reddit post.

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