There is now a new Facebook group that is gaining female members who have some curiosity about their partner. The new group is called Whose Got The Same Man (El Paso Edition) that has some women wondering. The main purpose behind this private group is to see if El Paso ladies are sharing the same man. Yes, someone went to the extreme of helping local women see if their man is being 100% faithful. The private group on Facebook was created to help expose men who are cheating in El Paso. I am not surprised to see this kind of group come about for El Paso women. I have witnessed people share the same partner without even knowing it. I won't be too surprised when a new group like Whose Got The Same Woman comes along. You got to admit, this is a helpful way for a woman to know if her partner is being loyal instead of unfaithful.

If it weren't for The Real Fit Fam sharing this new group's page, I would have never known. But now I bet some El Paso dudes who are playing multiple chicks at once are shaking in their boots. Now that the jig is up for the dudes who are being players in the dating field. But now that this private group exists some men will probably face the wrath of hell. The crap will hit the fan once certain men in El Paso will be exposed for dating more than one woman.

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