Police car lights
Maciej Korzekwa

Now before I start this post I'd like to mention that I respect our police and law enforcement. I also know that rules are put in place to make sure everyone is safe.

Living in the Sun City, and driving down our streets and highways, I've that there are a lot of different drivers among us. I happen to be the one rocking out trying to maintain my sanity. So when I got pulled over yesterday coming around the mountain heading to the station I was a bit taken back. I was driving with traffic and noticed a local police vehicle to my left. No biggie right? Wrong. He then got behind me and flashed his lights. Apparently going 64 in a 60 was highway robbery. Must have been having a bad day or  power trip, (I'll go with the later). Well being scolded for basically nothing he let me go with a verbal warning.

So, my friends don't think for a second that all cops are like this, they aren't. I guess the lesson here is go the speed limit accordingly. While he was yelling at me I wonder what he could have been doing to better serve our community. So, no hard feelings right?


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