If you're looking for a less stinky poison to kill cockroaches at your home, this homemade recipe gets the job done! This does not smell the way the poisons smell that you would normally buy at the store.

That Kansas boy 9 shows you how to put together this concoction to put around your home to kill the uninvited guests. You know that sometimes it can be very difficult to get rid of cockroaches that invade your home. The poisons you can buy at the store contain many chemicals and pesticides that can be harmful to your lungs and your pets. Luckily, there's a cheap way to make a simple mixture that isn't harmful to your pets but harmful for the roaches. The ingredients you need are baking soda, sugar, and water which you will combine all together. You can place this recipe in all areas of your home in a small lid from your milk carton.

If this recipe has helped others get rid of these cockroaches, I am sure it will work for you as well!


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