I absolutely love mangoes. LOVE mangoes. It's one of the things I miss most about Chihuahua games at Southwest University Park. Grabbing an ice cold mangonada and enjoying during a ball game. Thanks COVID. Anyway, things are relatively open enough right now to track down a good mangonada.

Someone posed this question over on Reddit:

Best place to get a mangonada?

Here are a couple of the answers:

  • "La Michoacana de El Paso-Far Eastside"
  • "Social Ice"

Okay, that's a good start. A couple of solid places to get a mangonada. But where are the rest? I'm cool with trying both of these places. Even the one on the far eastside because it gives the family and I a chance to get out of the house and go for a drive.

If you're looking to make your own at home, here is a recipe for ya:



  • Pour the mango juice, ice cubes, and 1/2 of the mango (preferably frozen) into the base of a blender. Blend on high speed until smooth and creamy. Dice the rest of the mango and set aside for the garnish.
  • Dip the rim of each glass into chamoy. Then dip the glass into tajin like you would a margarita.
  • Add a very small amount of chamoy to the inside of each glass, swirling to coat.
  • Pour the mango smoothie into each glass and add the fresh diced mango. Top with the tamarind straw. Drink right away for the best texture.

However, if you have any recommendations on places to get a mangonada, please let us know. brandon@buzzadamsshow.com


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