A local man who I call an El Paso hero the "Roachbuster" (because not everyone likes cockroaches) saves the day in a humorous way. That man is Richard Montes, an exterminator aka killer by day and rock n' roller by night.

Roachbuster is quite the entertainer on and off the stage when he travels around and even outside of El Paso to exterminate.

If you're wondering how an exterminator can be entertaining you're going to want to keep on reading. Sometimes after the killings, a mini head of Paul Stanley will even do a victorious pose with the deceased creepy crawlers for a memoir. But Richard Montes doesn't mind posing and holding deceased creepy crawlers for a picture.

Below you will see some of the most entertaining pictures from his exterminating adventures in and outside of El Paso. I say adventures because of the daily posts I see that he shares on his personal Facebook page.

His posts that draw me in will give you goosebumps and probably make you do the jitterbug dance. For example, he lets you in on the Eagle Pest Control journey of what he comes across every day in our homes and businesses.

He shows no fear either when he's dealing with cockroaches, termites, spiders, scorpions, rattlers, and bedbugs.

Don't you wish you shared the same excitement as Mr. Montes when killing creepy crawlers? But instead, some of us act cowardly and call for help even when we're the gigantic ones.

Mr. Montes is like another hilarious version of the exterminator (John Goodman) from Arachnophobia. Scroll through his victorious killings throughout El Paso below.

915's Amusing Exterminator

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