There is a new way to make flour tortillas that EVERY Hispanic will appreciate if they don't know already. One dude got my mouth watering when I saw his flour tortilla concoction he put together. There are probably some people who already knew about this concoction but instead wanted to keep it a secret. Luckily, one dude was more than happy to share this great combination to spice up your flour tortillas. TikTok user JerryGueraBide claims these chorizo flour tortillas will be the best you ever taste. As you see him putting together the ingredients for this concoction, it may give you the urge to try this recipe at home. After watching him heat up the chorizo tortilla mix he makes a quesadilla that you know looks delicious. I can just imagine how good a chorizo flour tortilla would taste with melted cheese. Now I am Hispanic and can't believe I was today years old when I first learned about this.

Sometimes it is difficult being Hispanic because of all the delicious carbs that help you pack on the pounds. This chorizo flour tortilla recipe is the type of food you won't be able to control your limit on. It looks so tasty that you probably won't be able to eat just one. I remember when my grandma would make her plain flour tortillas I couldn't help myself and would eat two with butter. But when it is time to make a new batch of fresh flour tortillas be sure to try this new concoction out.

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