If there's one thing you learn very quickly when you move to El Paso is you probably don't know what real Mexican food is. At least, being a white guy from Oregon that's how it was. I enjoyed "Mexican" before, but once I moved to El Paso, holy Moses, I have fallen IN LOVE with Mexican food.

This enchilada recipe, unfortunately, isn't from El Paso though. It's from a San Antonio school district.

Apparently this recipe was so good, it was all gone. Back in September of 2019, the North East Independent School District released their enchilada recipe so anyone could try making them at home. The recipe went viral online. So viral, it made it all the way across the pond to Sweden. A school district over in Sweden has now done the recipe twice and it gets to the point that there 'isn't a single portion left.'

Do you have a school recipe that takes you back to memory lane? The stuff that we always looked forward to were tater tots. That was a good day at the cafeteria. My dad would also come spend the day with us the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He says it was because he wanted to spend the day with my sister and I, but we really know it was for that school cafeteria Thanksgiving lunch. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. De-li-cious!

I have another question. What were the kids that bought their lunch at school? When I was growing up, it was the rich kids because school lunches cost money. It was cheaper to bring your own lunch. But I've heard from people that grew up in other areas, the kids that got their lunch at school were on the poorer spectrum because they were on some sort of assistance. I mean, it doesn't really matter either way, it's always interesting how something can have a completely different meaning depending on your perspective.

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