Basically, they don't really give a ____.

The coronavirus has impacted our lives in many different ways but this stay at home order is the worst and the boredom is getting to us all. I'm not working completely from home but, except for the time I'm on the air, I've been doing everything else from here and I've learned a lot about my dogs' routine.

Which, I really don't think has changed all that much since COVID 19 came to town ...

  • 7-8am: Wake, stretch, sniff stuff, go back to sleep
  • 9:30am: Wake me, beg for food
  • 9:32am: Annoy me into getting back out of bed to let them out
  • 10:30am: Beg to be let back in
  • 10:31am: Nap
  • At some point, Pit Bull attempts couch coup and shoves shepherd to the floor. Lab, instead of trying to intervene, takes over couch during the scuffle. All resume sleeping in different areas.
  • A couple of hours later: Open one eye and watch lazily as I leave for work.
  • Sleep.
  • 8pm: Greet me fanatically as I return home.
  • 8:02pm: Back to sleep
  • 9:30pm: Wake and demand that I feed them
  • 9:32pm: Bedtime
  • 7-8am: Repeat

They could really care less about all this. Meanwhile, my schedule isn't much more exciting: Get up and scrounge for breakfast around 11am, then work at my computer with a Dr. Pepper until about 1pm. Then, switching to Coors Light, grab a quick shower and head to work around 2:30.

At this point, I'm not sure which of us is living the crazier, rock n roll lifestyle. Though, honestly, I kinda feel like it's them. They get to do stuff ... go mosh with each other in the backyard, hunt rabbits, try their best to bring down birds. They're insane.

Yard work is even starting to sound exciting ... me against the weeds in a life and death struggle. Their survival vs. relief for my allergies. Sounds pretty cool huh? Anything beats sitting here monitoring the dogs. (And, before you judge my lack of a life, keep in mind that you just read this whole damn thing.)

God, I'll be glad when this is over...