The COVID 19 pandemic is worsening in El Paso and city officials say restrictions are about to get tougher.

The city of El Paso has already enacted a "Stay At Home" order but, El Pasoans aren't exactly offering 100% compliance. A fact that has frustrated Mayor Margo and now he is planning to toughen up the rules for El Pasoans as well as increase the penalty for not abiding by them.  Mayor Margo said:

"This really ought to be voluntary compliance," Margo said. People need to understand we're up to 46 cases, it is community spread and we've got to make darn sure we don't have a death. This is serious." - El Paso Times

The Mayor also pointed out that fine for non-compliance in Washington is $5,000. Here in El Paso, it is $1,000 which he is considering raising to $1,500. Those, of course, apply to peeps out and about who are not "essential employees."

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