El Paso is LOADED with great bands, the "Local Locos" as I call them. Here are a few more "how they got their name" stories.

These stories come straight from the bands themselves! Thanks again to Hector and The Feel, for the great blog idea!!

  • Britney's Rage - Singer Brittney's mom was mad at her one day and her Mom's nickname is Rage so, Brittney's Rage.
  • Cordova - A brainstorming session, collectively throwing names out until one popped up that nobody vetoed! (If you can dream up a better story, we'll totally run with it!)
  • Revolt - Revolt is derived from the word Revolution. And the lyrical content of most of our songs deal with things like personal and societal change.
  • Foxy Mojo - 2011 was a time when the local scene was predominantly hardcore and bands had super-serious, mythical names. "Foxy Mojo" was a hilarious way to separate ourselves from the pack.
  • Hot Shot Kixxx - I was writing at a bar, and while I was writing, the name Hot Shot Kixxx came up. It sounded catchy and unique and it just stuck with me.
  • Arcadian - Arcadian is a person from Arcadia, a mountainous region of ancient Greece, traditionally known for the contented, pastoral innocence of its people. Our band however, has absolutely nothing to do with Arcadia.
  • Aftermath - We came up with the name at our first practice. Having all been in other bands, we decided we were the "aftermath" of all those other groups.
  • Pissing Razors - It came from a friend who caught the clap. He said it felt like he was "pissing razors". 
  • Years Of Cold - Taken from an article I read about the polar opposites of our political system beliefs and the discussion of climate change. A scientist said he felt we were entering into many 'years of cold' political landscapes.
  • Fungi Mungle - Wandering lost in the desert, FM members received a message from God saying "go forth and makith the worldith shakith it's buttith!" Then, the heavens opened up and a lightning bolt inscribed Fungi Mungle on a stone.

Editors note: They may be exaggerating a bit on that last one...