El Paso is LOADED with great bands, the "Local Locos" as I call them. I write about them all the time but, don't always get to the "how'd you get your name" question.

So, here are some stories the bands have told me. We begin with one from my friend Hector Morales, with my thanks for giving me this great blog idea!!

  • The Feel - While trying to work out the intro to a Beatles song, one member suggested to the singer that she just needed to "feel it".
  • Epitaph Romance - We wanted something that expressed our love of horror movies and monster and ghouls in general. By the textbook definition of what an epitaph is, our name means a love for the dead or a love from beyond the grave.
  • Texas Voodoo Stomp - The song titles and lyrics are very eerie, gloomy, mysterious, zombie - like, cemetery related and the music was groove oriented and sludgy so, we thought; "wow .. this is a true TEXAS VOODOO STOMP."
  • Texas Roadkill - We had shows booked, but no band name. We all came up with a bunch of.shitty ideas and I, (Zak), threw out "Roadkill" even though I didn't like it much. Our bassist at the time, Gil, suggested putting "Texas" in front of it and it stuck.
  • Fall 2 Rise - We were doing our rock jam at the Kings X and we decided that you have to fall to be able to rise. To make it unique we used the number 2.
  • Andromeda Theory - Our guitarist, Tony, is really into space and astronomy and, as you probably know, Andromeda is a huge galaxy. The theory is that the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies will crash into one another and become one massive galaxy.
  • Voxx Vendetta - Well we just wanted a cool name so so we went with Vox Vendetta which sounds like revenge. In truth, it's from a video game lol!

That's enough for now but, keep checking back.  I have a bunch of these and not every band I asked has answered yet so, there WILL be another blog!  If you want your band's story here, email me a brief msg for the next installment!!