Sometimes you might have to deal with bad customer service when you're at a restaurant and that might effect the amount of tip you leave for the wait staff. One man decided to leave a 13-foot-long python at a sushi restaurant staff for reasons unknown.

After enjoying a $200 sushi meal, a man began to show off a small snake to customers. The staff at Studio City eatery asked the man to take the snake outside, which only outraged the man. He left and returned with a 13 foot snake, which he threw at the staff, but after yelling obscenities for no reason. The strange thing is the man was letting kids playing with the snake before he went inside the restaurant to use it as a weapon.

According to CBS Los Angeles, waitress Sissy Dashtort saw the man acting crazy with customers, "“We asked him like three or four times and he said, ‘no.’ He was like starting fights with the customers so we had to call the police and fire department."

When police arrived they arrested the man as animal control worked on capturing the snake. No customers were harmed during the incident.