I love Hot Cheetos. I'm writing this as I have a baggie of Hot Cheetos right next to me. I discovered them when I was nine years old and I became addicted. Through the years they've given Flamin' Hot upgrades to many other chips like Funyuns and Ruffles, but I remained faithful to my regular Flamin' Hot Cheetos. But now I'm totally concerned because lately there have been many stories of people sent to the hospital all because of Hot Cheetos!

Now, I remember that a couple of weeks ago that I filled in doing news I did report about a teen girl getting sent to the hospital after eating too many Hot Cheetos. Now the other day, a "rapper" by the name of Lil Xan, who is 22, posted a video on Instagram where he stated that eating too much Hot Cheetos caused him to throw up blood. This led his fans to ask "Really? THAT'S what sent you to the hospital? Not drugs?!" But I digress. Apparently these cases aren't anything new, Flamin' Hot Cheetos has been sending people to the hospital for awhile now. School districts in California, Illiniois and New Mexico have already banned the snack back in 2012.

Before you start freaking out, Vice did some investigating to find out just how dangerous the snack is. They asked an "Anonymous Junior Doctor" who said that the rapper likely ate TOO MUCH that he vomited – a lot. Another possibility is that he had a tear in his stomach lining that the spicy food exploited. The food can’t do that on its own, and he would’ve had to down a substantial amount to make that happen. Professor Laurence Lovat said that for the most part, they're not likely to cause damage to many people BUT eating more than one package could give some people an ulcer issue, spices are good for you, but “pepper is not.” In conclusion, moderation is key here. Don't go eating like the "party size" bag all by yourself!

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