Before the coronavirus put a halt to social gatherings, Home Depot came in clutch for kids. On the first Saturday of every month, Home Depot would hold an arts and crafts class for kids. So you can imagine kids didn't mind going with their parents on Home Depot runs on Saturday. Well, now things have taken a drastic change since the pandemic has kept some from going out and about. Since social distancing is a very important factor right now, Home Depot paused their arts and crafts. Parents and children who participated in the arts and crafts event were bummed about the news. Well, Home Depot wasn't going to keep families bummed which is why they're continuing their project just differently. So now when you visit on the first Saturday of every month Home Depot has returned with arts and crafts. The only catch is instead of doing arts and crafts at the store you can do it at home.

Elena Danielle
Elena Danielle

Home Depot puts together little goodie bags for your little ones to take home to put together. So when you go on the first Saturday of every month you can pick up a goodie bag for your kid. The goodie bag includes arts and crafts for them to make. Not only that the goodie bags from Home Depot also include some snacks. Elena Danielle is another fan of Home Depot's arts and crafts for kids and immediately shared the good news about it coming back. My son will definitely be excited and look forward to next month's first Saturday for Home Depot's arts and crafts goodie bag.

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