Okay, at this point, everybody loves Pedro Pascal, right?

Lots of people have fallen for the Chilean-American actor- so much so that the internet has dubbed him their "daddy". I still don't quite get what that means, but judging by the roles he's taken in "The Mandalorian" and most recently in "The Last of Us" I guess Pedro Pascal IS a daddy.

Los Angeles Premiere Of HBO's "The Last Of Us" - Arrivals
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While all of us are imagining marrying this man, one Texas woman has just made it easier for all of us to go to bed with him.

Allison Hoffman, of Austin, runs Crafty is Cool, a website dedicated to crocheting. Hoffman, who is self taught, loves to make little creatures and people out of crochet, and she has just created the perfect snuggling buddies for fans of "The Last of Us".

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Behold her "dystopian travelers" who may or may not be named Joel and Ellie (you know, because of copyright laws).

Hoffman notes that she began working on these patterns around the third episode, which I think is where most of us fell in love with the show. The third episode, titled "Long, Long Time" features Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett in one of the most beautiful storylines I've seen in a long time.

Back to the dolls, how adorable are they? They are the perfect pair of dystopian travelers, and now you can make one yourself to snuggle with at night. Over on her website, Hoffman offers the pattern for these travelers for just $10- which is super reasonable.

Crafty is Cool also offers other great pop culture icon patterns like Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers and the kids from "Stranger Things". If you can't get Pedro Pascal in real life, might as well crochet yourself one!

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