She was feeling like a criminal and got busted in Hudspeth County! In honor of Fiona Apple's birthday we brought up her unfortunate incident where she was caught at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint with hashish- after a drug-sniffing dog detected marijuana in her tour bus!

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This was back in 2012, and Fiona Apple spent the night at the county jail in Sierra Blanca and from then, Apple joined the ranks of other celebrities who have been stopped at that infamous checkpoint- and got a pretty epic mugshot out of it.

Hudspeth County Sheriffs Office
Hudspeth County Sheriffs Office

About an hour and a half east of El Paso is the Sierra Blanca checkpoint that you pass through if you're on I-10 east. It's kind of unavoidable! And it's known for being the place that will stop you if you're caught with pot!

If you're an El Pasoan who has traveled east, you know all about this infamous checkpoint. Actually, not too long ago, Buzz was traveling back home to Oklahoma and was stopped at the checkpoint for a search, where drug-sniffing dogs jumped into his brand new car to check for anything suspicious. Of course, they found nothing but Buzz's new car hasn't smelled the same since.

Well, in honor of Fiona Apple's birthday, here are seven other celebrities who have gotten caught at that particular check point. I think some of them you may already know, it's kind of obvious- but others may surprise you!

Celebrities Busted With Pot In & Around El Paso, TX

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