By now, you've probably heard of the dancing salesman. If you haven't, well allow me to give you something to smile about today!

This is Bobby Bone, Jr. and he's famous for busting a move and putting smiles on peoples' faces while working at Charlie Clark Nissan at the Outlet Shoppes. It's no wonder why, just watching his dancing and his good vibes will instantly put you in a good mood!

Last year, Bobby became famous after FitFam featured him in a post- and from then on, many have hoped to be able to run into Bobby to get some good vibes going!

Well, now he's not only putting smiles all across the Borderland, but also to some Hollywood elite. The king of the dancefloor himself, Kevin Bacon has now entered the chat!

Over on TikTok, where Kevin Bacon is very active, Marilou Wagner who goes by @filipinadestergardner shared the moment she found out all about this famous dancing salesman. She encountered him at a Sam's Club and he was doing what he does best- dancing!

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Well, Marilou wasn't the only one who was captivated by his moves, so was Kevin Bacon- and he let it be known by commenting on the video!


Does this make Bobby Bone, Jr. into six degrees of Kevin Bacon? I think it does!

Bacon, who is famously known for "Footloose" got everyone in the comments riled up, for obvious reason! But others were in agreement, we need more people like him in the world!

After her video went viral, Marilou actually set out to personally find Bobby and posted an update.

And she also treated him to lunch!

I completely agree that we need more people like Bobby Bone, Jr. He puts a smile on all of us and if anything we can all learn one thing from him- whenever you're feeling down, just dance it out!

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