Staying #ElPaSoStrong has been challenging for so many. “That day” will forever carry a somber tone for all our Borderland Community. Through the aftermath of the tragedy, some heroes arose to reach out their hand and pull our collective spirit off the ground. One not so surprising outreach came from the rock band Disturbed, who has enjoyed many wonderful experiences while here rocking the Sun City, and because bassist John Moyer is from El Paso.

Like most people around the country, Disturbed was gripped with the reports of the unfolding sorrowful drama that took place on 8/3/19. Strictly by coincidence, they happened to be on an airplane the very next day with our own Glenn Garza, who was on his way for the long-preplanned Sturgis Bike Week broadcast. Glenn has been sharing the story all week of how he witnessed their shock and sorrow; physical manifestations of the churning of the soul as he talked with David and John about the reactions of El Pasoans who at that time were still coming to grips with what had taken place.

The date will forever be one of mourning for our community. Like with any tragedy, anguish can also (eventually) serve as a catalyst for positive change such as a greater sense of commitment for becoming a stronger, more unified community. Regardless of how the events of 8/3/19 affected you personally, the Disturbed song “Hold On To Memories,” which KLAQ is playing along with the personal message of condolences and encouragement by Dave Draiman, contains some very relevant and significant lyrics.

Take the ones you love
And hold them close because there is little time
And don't let it break your heart
I know it feels hopeless sometimes
But they're never really gone
As long as there's a memory in your mind

The concluding verse truly illustrates the beliefs of our culture; the spirit of the Borderland.

And hold on to memories (Hold on)
Hold on to every moment
To keep them alive (Keep them alive)
The world's greatest tragedy (Hold on)
Souls who are not remembered
Cannot survive

22 people lost their lives to an evil act of hate. If love truly is the ultimate conqueror, it can only prevail if we all do our part to hold on to our memories of them.

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