Have you ever wanted to be an expert marksman? Then do I have the perfect game to settle your gun slinging ways, "Hitman Sniper"! Easy to play and get rid of evil doers.

This sniper game probably has the most technically sound graphics and easy to shoot controls. Beautiful sceneries and very realistic movements to make you actually fel like your on the mountain top yourself. With easy to perform tasks you will find time really doesn't  seem to exist when you get this game flowing in your veins.

Different outlooks to overcome your mission so you can move on to getting better rifles, and more targets to eliminate before time runs out. For the most part this game will teach you how to be patient to get the kill and to earn the most points.

Hitman- Sniper is one of the best games I've played that had nothing to do with sports, or building towns. Instead you are making the streets and world a better place by destroying cryptic and evil from taking over!

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