It's always funny to see someone else comment on what you're thinking to yourself! I stumbled across this clip from Border Wars that featured El Paso, Texas. After the intense clip of watching a large sum of money be counted, my face cheeks hurt! I was totally thinking the same thing that YouTube subscriber Xbox-Trcxs commented. Now other comments that were written will probably have you let out a chuckle or two. I sure as hell did when I read another comment from Hippie With A Cowboy Hat wrote. Above you will notice snapshots of the comments I found the most worthy. Yes, this episode from Border Wars was over many years ago but still interesting to watch. Someone also commented wondering if it was illegal to bring over money. The answer to that is no and yes. You're allowed to cross over a maximum of $10,000 and be able to pay tax on it. You also have to be able to show proof of how that lump sum was earned.



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