There are lots of El Pasoans that remember their old party days at El Paso's downtown entertainment district, Union Plaza. I recall the times Union Plaza was always popping on the weekend with tons of people dressed up to impress. But now the only time Union Plaza ever gets popping is now when the Downtown Art and Farmers Market is going on.

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But before it all came to an end Union Plaza was home to nightclubs and hip cocktail bars. There were so many nightclubs that came and went to Union Plaza such as The Garden, Republic, Wet, and more.

I definitely had a blast partying at Republic when DJ Johnny Kage would be working the DJ booth. But we can all recall when it was always a hassle and hard to find parking. We all know Southwest University Park didn't exist since El Paso City Hall was still around.

I remember the times my friends and I would have to park up the hill of Durango Street where the El Paso Chihuahuas employees park along the curb and sidewalk. Now let me just say it is easier walking down the hill in heels on Durango Street to Union Plaza sober than it is going up while tipsy.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

I remember leaving with my girlfriends walking up that hill and seeing other ladies carrying their heels walking barefoot or being carried by their dude. I remember one night after partying at Union Plaza for Mardi Gras my girlfriends and I took a picture with that iconic steep walk on Durango Street behind us. If you remember walking down that bridge take the poll below and share your thoughts.

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