The weather has been chilly but that's not stopping some El Pasoans from getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors. There are lots of hiking and biking trails people can explore all around the Borderland you may not know about. And with the holidays so close, kids are getting out of school this week and your loved ones from out of town will be back in the Sun City soon making it a great time to get everyone together for a fun outdoor day activity.

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If you're planning to head out to the desert to explore, remember that winter weather can make conditions change quickly so it's best to stay safe while hiking and biking. The El Paso Fire Department spoke to KVIA News giving some tips on how you can stay safe while enjoying mountain and desert outdoor activities.

Hiking Around El Paso Safely During The Frigid Winter Months

A few months ago I took my father out for a hike on an "easy" trail that we thought we would be able to finish in less than an hour. Unfortunately, since we both had never hiked that trail before, we got lost before we even got through half the trail. It took us a couple of hours to find our way back but thankfully we had plenty of water, snacks, and our phones were fully charged. Because we prepared ourselves so well for the hike, we didn't get scared when we first got lost and in the future, I'll always make sure I'm well prepared. You can read more about these tips on the KVIA website and if you are looking for some easy hikes for beginners to enjoy check out this list.

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