The Walking Dead returns this Sunday on AMC.

The group is all messed up as they get back on the road still reeling from Beth's shocking death.  Living in this whole zombie apocalypse thing is rough.  Executive producer and Season 5B premiere director Greg Nicotero told yahoo TV, it's gonna get rougher:

"I think Beth's demise really does take a lot out of the group. They're on the road again… that's the real challenge. They don't have the church, they don't have the prison, they have nowhere that they can be, so there's the sheer exhaustion of them constantly having to be on alert." "That's something that Michonne's character is very tuned into. She says over and over again, 'We have to find some place, we've got to pick a place, and we've got to pick it soon, because we can't survive very much longer out here.' So Michonne, who had lived out there for a long time before meeting Rick and the group, she knows what it's like, and she knows the dangers of existing in that world exposed. You'll discover through the next couple of episodes that living out there exposed takes its toll, emotionally and physically, and our group's going to get put through the ringer."

I can't wait ...