If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times: "El Paso NEEDS an HEB!"

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I've never even been to an HEB but just hearing how passionate some people are, especially about these buttery tortillas (and the candle that they created!) I hear so much about, makes me upset too at the fact that El Paso doesn't have an HEB!


According to HEB themselves, there are over 400 HEB's across Texas and Mexico; and that doesn't sound right!

You're telling me that there are over 400 HEB's and not a single one is in El Paso?! El Pasoans are yearning- they're pleading to the HEB Gods that one day we may also be able to rejoice in their heavenly goodness.

This past week, El Paso's very own TMZ shared an image from one El Pasoan who got through to HEB to ask what does the 915 have to do to get a darn HEB here!

Oh, do you hear us HEB? Do you? I don't like HEB's response. It feels like they're just stringing us along!

I feel like I've seen this response before, whether it was from ToDoElPaso, or from the Facebook page "Bring HEB to El Paso"- we've been asking for awhile now- but no luck so far.

What is HEB trying to hide?! Why is the rest of Texas gatekeeping HEB from El Paso? Is it because we're not part of ERCOT? We may never get the answer- for now, all we can hope for is that someone travels to an HEB and brings back those tortillas to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

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