One of the biggest stores to ever come from Texas is H-E-B. For years we've been wanting an H-E-B store to open up in El Paso, including many of us here at work. It's been SUCH a big deal, there's even a Facebook group called "Bring HEB to El Paso" posting any news article or photo that might hint to the possibility of H-E-B opening up in town. But as early as 2019, they have said that they have NO plans on opening in El Paso.

Yet... the talks about an H-E-B opening up in El Paso are still around & people go crazy over the slightest hint or whiff that it might happen.

Earlier this week, a Facebook page, "ToDoElPaso", recently posted about an HEB coming to El Paso, claiming they purchased property in Santa Teresa & on the Eastside of El Paso, as well as including links to news articles about the Sunland Park Project.

Needless to say, a lot of people got excited and the post got shared quite a bit over Facebook.

So I guess that confirms it...HEB is coming to El Paso...right?

Well after searching all over the web & couldn't find anything. We even contacted the H-E-B Headquarters, asking if they were opening a store in El Paso, to which they responded:

  • "Hi. Thanks for reaching out. We are unaware of any land purchases. We do not have any plans to share at this time."

They DID open up stores in Frisco & Plano in February. Last year there was a news story about it & not everyone was happy about it...

So as of right now, an El Paso location is still currently not in their plans.

Of course, we would LOVE a store to open up in town but, as of right now, it doesn't look like it's opening for a while. But I do hope that one day all the rumors can be put to rest and that we can FINALLY say that yes... H-E-B is coming to El Paso. I just hope we don't have anything like THIS happen:


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But hey, we can keep dreaming right?

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