A heavy metal-loving family in Canada decided to open their doors for a Syrian refugee family and says the act of kindness is "the most metal thing he could do." Tyler Berglund is the owner of metal concert venue The Doors Pub and a lover of heavy metal music. He and his family have decorated the home to showcase their love of the heavy metal music scene, complete with King Diamond photos on the wall, a big 666 over the doorway and Lord of the Rings weapons hanging on the walls. The family probably isn't your first thought when you think of a family opening their doors and hearts to a refugee family in need. But they are.

CBC Canada did a wonderful job showing the world this unlikely bond between a heavy-metal music family from Canada and a Syrian family who came to Canada with nothing and found a home with Berglund. Gol Bahar Muslim Hamo, her husband and two children moved in with the Canadian family when their asylum request was granted by the United Nations. Berglund said his decision to sponsor a refugee family was inspired by all the luxuries they are able to have in Canada. He also said he hopes that other metalheads and punk rockers will be inspired to get involved as well. Tyler Berglund also said that sponsoring a family is the most metal, and meaning thing he has ever done.You can read more about the unlikely housing arrangement over at the CBC website.

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