There is a new spot that had been developing over some time in January for BMX riders to ride around. The spot was specifically made for BMX riders to have a place to ride like the wind.

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Back in January, it was slowly but surely coming around. But to see how Pumpers Paradise has brought joy to the Chaparral residents is what this is all about.

Paul Zimmerman and Jaime Favela are the legends who keep the rough riding sports alive in El Paso. Leave it to Paul Zimmerman to test out the track with his skateboard which still rides as smooth from his Facebook video below.

I started pondering about how BMX riders would feel if skateboarders wanted to ride around Pumpers Paradise. I would hope they would show the same respect as skateboarders have when people would ride bikes at skate parks.

Now the people in Chaparral have closer access to a park they can ride around at. Paul Zimmerman had shared a picture of the asphalt pump track which looks rad.

But if you compare how, it is now to then, you will notice a huge difference. Even Paul Zimmerman tested out the asphalt pump track build on video.

It sure is nice to see BMX riders have a spot created just for them in Chaparral. It sure is nice to have Jaime Favela and Paul Zimmerman helping the El Paso community all this time with sports outings.

Not sure if you've already given it a test run or not, if not, make sure you do. Also, if you have a BMX fanatic on your hands, you now know where to take them.

Let's hope we can continue to see more gnarly projects like this created in El Paso.

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