As children, we all enjoyed visiting petting zoos back in our day. Now that some of us have grown up and had kids of our own, we get to enjoy it again. We're all familiar with Licon's Dairy petting zoo in San Elizario.

Luckily, there is another petting zoo that is located in Chaparral. Granted both seem equally just as far but for some not so much. If you would like a different type of scenery and try a new petting zoo, Krazy Arrow Ranchette is the place.

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You may have heard of or seen them before. Krazy Arrow Ranchette once had some of their animals inside Bassett Place last month. They were a part of the Spring Easter Fair at Bassett Place.

If you want to scope out the animals, make sure you schedule an appointment. Their open farm night is how you can visit with the animals free of charge. The petting zoo has quite a few animals and tends to add on to their furry family.

Just like Licon's Dairy petting zoo, Krazy Arrow Ranchette also has a variety of animals that are kid-friendly. If you plan on taking your children out to that petting zoo, there are a few things you may need. If your kids would like to feed the animals, make sure to take either quarters or your own snacks.

The snacks you can take from home to feed the animals at the petting zoo are apples and carrots. The quarters can buy you some snacks at the petting zoo to feed their animals. If you're looking for a free family-friendly thing to do, check out the other petting zoo. Their next open farm night is this evening from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. You can see some of the animals that are at the petting zoo below.

Krazy Arrow Ranchette

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