A lot of us get pumped up for the season when Rhino Hockey games are back in action. There are a lot of fans who continue to show their loving support for the local Rhinos team. Some local fans have been seasonal ticket holders for years and still continue to show their support.

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We all love the action we get to see go down at the Rhinos hockey games. Some of our most favorite times during the games also involves fans screaming about how much the referee sucks.

Some season ticket holders, who have their seasonal seats right by the ice are where the best view is at. You get to catch the action of when the hockey players bust out and start throwing blows right in front of where you're sitting.

No matter what, you always have to watch out and keep an eye on that hockey puck throughout a game. Just like in every sport involving a flying objust, you must make sure to know when to duck and dodge.

I wanted to flashback to a funny El Paso memory featuring past-time KTSM 9 news reporter, Paul Zimmerman. The "Z Man" was filming a WHSL Junior A hockey game against the Colorado Outlaws in 2008.

Luckily, Paul Zimmerman lived and was able to share his battle wound story after his medical care. Paul Zimmerman can say he got pucked at a Rhinos hockey game and brag about his 10 stitches and a grade 3 concussion.

You can see the aftermath of what it looks like when you get pucked in the face at a hockey game below thanks to the ChannelZVideo YouTube channel.

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