Borderland artisans have so much to offer. Here's a way to experience new New Mexico products, made by local New Mexico artists, without leaving your home.

Whether you live in the New Mexico area, once did, or have friends and loved ones that have moved away, here is a cool way to keep the feel of New Mexico around all the time and support local artists and businesses at the same time. All from the comfort of your home.

New Mexico Enchanted Box will deliver hand-selected items from a wide variety of New Mexico artisans, craftsmen, cooks, and more to NM lovers throughout the Borderland or anywhere else every month. According to their website:

Each month, you are guaranteed to receive a box that includes a uniquely curated selection of up to six items from New Mexico artisans and makers. The products will vary each month, and categories may include, but are not limited to, nuts, coffee or tea, chiles and salsas, spices, sweet treats, and a handcrafted item such as a mug, coaster, tote, or magnet. Our goal each and every month is to surprise and delight you with the best that our state has to offer! -

Subscriptions start at $49.00 a month, learn more here. If you or someone close to you need a little New Mexico in your life but, you don't know where to look or, just don't want to go out and shop in these crazy, pandemic times, here is your solution. It's a great gift idea ... Christmas is right around the corner you know  ... and an even better idea for those New Mexico-philes who have moved too far away to get these items themselves.

Not to mention, you'll be supporting LOCAL artists and businesses!

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