Almost everyone in El Paso enjoys participating in a game of beer pong at parties. Beer pong is a lot of fun when you play especially if you're really good at it. Now I have spotted different people throughout the years that are really good.

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Playing beer pong is a lot of fun but also a little stressful when you want to win. When you're playing the mission is to make sure the opposite team drinks all the cups filled with beer. But of course, we all know the bending rules about playing beer pong.

Normally when we play beer pong at house parties it usually is for fun. But next month can be your time to shine if you consider yourself a professional. If you're the person everyone wants on their beer pong team should tell you something.

Well, you can show off your beer pong skills at a beer pong tournament this weekend. The Kaleidoscope Art Market team will be having their Beer Fest Art Show & Market at German Pub. On Saturday, October 2, the Beer Fest Art Show & Market will have art, live music, and food.

The Beer Fest Art Show & Market will be held at German Pub at 9530 Viscount Blvd. from 5 pm to 11 pm. The event is free for all ages and is even pet-friendly too. So if you think you got what it takes to win at a beer pong tournament, hit it up. Now you have another option to have some fun in El Paso for this weekend.

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