Father's Day is right around the corner. If you don't have any ideas on a gift for Pops yet, maybe this will help.

Dads are usually pretty easy to buy for since we're creatures of habit and we all seem to have a favorite sports team, band, beer or vehicle brand. For me, in case anyone wants to send me anything, think New England Patriots, Coors Light and Harley Davidson.

Picking a favorite band is a tough one but you'd be safe with Metallica, Social Distortion, Avatar or The Beatles.

As always, I love to support local businesses so here are a few places in the 915 that most El Paso Dad's would love a gift from:

Chicago Bliss v Las Vegas Sin
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No matter what team or sport, they probably have just the right T-shirt, mug, water bottle, bobblehead or whatever the old man needs.

You can also find valuable sports trading cards and other collectables at these places.

Harley-Davidson Shares Jump On Strong Earnings Report
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What Dad would turn down a cool looking HD T-shirt? If Pops rides, he probably has a Harley. If he doesn't, he wants one and will totally wear the shirt ... trust me.

A new Harley would be the best gift ever. EVER. 

Melburnians Take Part In Beer Yoga Class
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If your Dad is from, or has lived a couple of years in, El Paso; he probably loves beer and tequila.

There are plenty of suggestions for shopping local along those lines including Prospect Spirits if Dad's a liquor guy and these local breweries.

Primus And Clutch In Concert At The Hard Rock Joint
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When it comes to reppin' a band, sure, Dads love the Metallica's, KISS's, Iron Maiden's, etc. If you want to keep it local though, get him a T-shirt from one of our Local Locos like Cantina Fly's, Pissing Razors or Middle Fingers Unfold.

There are a ton of 'em throughout the Borderland, most have merch for sale and they could all totally use the support. For more, search KLAQ Local Band 101.

Love Dad, shop local.

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