People are entitled to their opinions where there is no right or wrong answer on the subject of art. There is beauty in all sorts of art even the one some called an eyesore recently. But we also can't forget the kind of art that is very appealing to the eyes.

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El Paso has tons of selfie background-worthy art scattered throughout the city. Most of us should all know because some of us have been there and done that.

I mean just remember the time your newsfeed blew up with pictures of friends posing in front of the chrome-like balloons. We should all know and remember the talented artist responsible for those chrome-like designs, Tino Ortega.

Local artists sure know how to keep the city of El Paso vibrant. If you love graffiti or any type of street art for new selfie-worthy backgrounds, Urbanart915 is your guide. Plus, some of the art you see featured on Urbanart915 can also pass as tattoo-worthy. For example, there is a spot in Canutillo rocking something that is very appealing to the eye.

Lisa Frank Alert

Rivertrail Studios has the coolest-looking hummingbird that has Lisa Frank vibes and would make a sick tattoo. Funny story, this piece of art is actually located at a tattoo shop on the Westside.

First off, if you're a woman reading about this art piece it may trigger your inner Lisa Frank fanatic. The bright colors and style of the design took me back to my Lisa Frank collection days when I was a little girl collecting stickers and different oddities. Hell, there are some Lisa Frank fanatics that would not mind getting this tattooed on their body.




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But the brilliant artist's mind behind this hummingbird piece is by Mudbuny. On a serious note though, her piece may have inspired tons of people about their future tattoos. But that isn't her only piece of art, as she has many other magnificent pieces you can see by clicking here.

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