Christmas is breathing down our necks and if you ... like me ... are scrambling for last-minute gifts, remember there are more ways to "go local" than you might think.

For instance, everyone likes to eat out, right?

You don't have to buy gift cards or certificates from big-time, national chains though. There are plenty of locally-owned restaurants all over the place. The Rib HutKiki's or Rosco's just to name a few.

The same goes for booze.

If you want to buy someone a tasty craft beer, no need to go with big names. Some of the best beers you will ever taste in your life are made right here at places like Craft Rythm and Brews, Deadbeach, El Paso Brewing, and many others.

If you want the hard stuff, locally distilled liquors are available from Sun City Distillery. As for wine lovers, take a quick trip up Highway 28 will and you'll find plenty.

For handmade, one of a kind items, keep the El Paso Farmers Market in mind and there are several little shops in Montecillo that have some cool stuff.  2020 has forced us to think outside the box in a number of ways so, do that with your shopping too.

Got a biker on your list? Sooner or later, they'll need something worked on so get them a gift certificate at a local shop like Rio Grande Shovelheads or Barnett Harley Davidson.

Car buffs can find quality garages and custom shops all over the Borderland.

Other places I myself would like a gift certificate from include things like show repair or maybe some new guitar strings or straps or picks or something from Hero Music.

Anything goes really, just stop thinking about shirts and albums and fruitcakes and sports memorabilia and all that typical stuff.

El Pasoans do all kinds of things and I'm sure just about all of them could offer you either a sweet gift or a certificate for services that will come in way handy down the line.

These are just a few things that you can find local peeps selling, making and/or serving that aren't typically thought of as "gift ideas."

Again, 2020 made us think differently about many things. Apply that thinking to your Christmas shopping and you'll find things that are unique, helpful, artsy, or whatever and that also SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES AND ARTISTS!

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