Lately, El Paso has been becoming quite an artsy city thanks to all our local artists. There have been so many murals popping up all over town that we continue to admire. Besides art makes the world a beautiful place and usually always makes a perfect background for a selfie.

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Well, we all know of Casa Ortiz that is filled with art from all sorts of local artists. Last month some El Pasoans got to enjoy a certain escape through the work of art. A couple of artists Laura Turon and David Delgado put the coolest art creation together.

These artists sure did bring art to life with their Paradox Immersive Art project. You may recall they gave us a sneak peek last month on Thursday, June 17. Their project is definitely entertaining and also family-friendly.

Last month I took my kids to check out the art and low and behold it was also interactive art. Which my kids definitely had a blast interacting with one of the art projects.

If you're curious about what to expect if you're planning on checking it out, just scroll down.

Usually, most people prefer trying before buying so I thought I would give you a sneak peek. I have shared some family pictures we took at the Paradox Immersive Art with you below.

One of their biggest projects allows you to share your artistic side inside a parked school bus.

Then another art project is interactive and lets you become part of the art too. Feel free to scroll down and see some of the creative art projects local artists put together for you.

Paradox Immersive Art will have a soft opening next month on Tuesday, August 6 from 8 pm to 11:30 pm. Prepare to be amazed by the local artist's hard work for your viewing pleasure.

Paradox Immersive Art

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