Ok, ok ... there may be no "guaranteed" way to win, but this guy has won 7 freakin' times.  He's on to something! 

With the current Texas powerball prize pushing the half a billion mark and the big drawing tonight, everyones looking for an edge. Using birthdates, the numerical value of the letters that spell your dogs name, trances and even good old prayers; everyone is seeking that certain something that will generate a win.

(El Paso could be the "sweet spot" of the luck galaxy right now with a million dollar ticket recently purchased on the west side!)

Richard Lustig has won a bunch of lottery prizes and now he's letting the rest of us in on his secrets!

A few suggestions: Pick one game and stick with it.  Also, don't use "Quick Picks", choose your own numbers!  For more tips, check out the video!

If I win; I am paying off my bills, buying new trucks and bikes, building a few schools, (I may start my own district just so I can weed out the weirdos, politicos, liars and thieves and focus on taking good care of quality teachers!) as well as helping the needy and the church. I'll find some other ways to help the less fortunate but my first item of business?

I'm also taking every single one of you out for dinner, drinks and a show!!  Who do you want me to book for the party? Metallica? The Stones?  A "Taste Of Chaos" type festival maybe??   :)

Good luck everyone!