Papa Roach recently their new video for the song "Gravity," featuring the beautiful Maria Brink from In This Moment. Check out behind the scenes of their video shoot!

Papa Roach recently released their new album Face Everything And Rise (FEAR) and now they are releasing a brand new music video. Alternative Press got to hang out with the boys and see them working on the video. Their song "Gravity" has them performing in front of a backdrop and lights set up to look like constellations. The band discusses filming the video in Vacaville, CA their hometown. Band member Tobin Esperance talked about coming back to film a video there:

I grew up in this town, 18 years and I always used to stand outside and dream, 'One day, I'll be performing on this stage.'

They also discussed the song and how they ended up asking In This Moment's Maria Brink to the song:

The idea came around when we got to the chorus, about having a guest vocalist come in. Maria was just perfect.

Check out the behind the scenes footage of their video for "Gravity." You can also see the video for "Gravity" below.