WAYMENT!!!! Wait just one dog gon MINUTE!!!!!! Did she really just.... Lawddddd!!! *watch the chick in the BLUE!!! I'm dead... These strippers be coming up with some TRICKS man!!! She hit the "You got served" move Lol

Posted by Christina MsBasketball Granville on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Amateur night at strip clubs brings out some unique undiscovered talent, and I have definitely never seen a stripper do this before.

Strippers are athletes, despite what other might say. These women use muscles I didn't even know existed to lift themselves up, down and round and round. They also perform some of the sexiest moves on the planet, all while making some hard, earned cash. Amateur Night at strip clubs is the time woman who don't strip get the chance to go out there and show what they got. Sometimes they master the traditional moves, or show off some own they have made up.

At this particular amateur night found by BroBible, one stripper went up there and did a move I have never seen before. I don't think she actually mean to do this, I actually think she was trying to roll over. Even so, the video is hilariously to watch over and over again. Maybe like 50 times, like the rest of us did here at the KLAQ studios. Hope the girl's head didn't hurt after that sweet move.

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