Fans of Barbie know exactly where she loves to stay; at her dream house in Malibu, California. Well I think she needs to move down to Texas because that's where the REAL Barbie dream house is! We've seen reports that it was supposed to be in Houston, but turns's Waco, Texas.

Where's the real Barbie Dream House in Waco?

Waco is known from being the home of Dr Pepper. It's also the home of The "Texas Barbie Dream House"; a nickname used by a TikTok user, atasteoftexas used to describe an all pink house called the Pink-A-Frame in Waco, Texas.

The house is actually an Airbnb spot & there's a short TikTok video of showing the inside of the Barbie Dream House.

Can people still book a night at the Texas Barbie Dream House?

Yes the place still does exist on Airbnb where people can book a room if they wanted. Judging by the reviews of the place, it's clear other people share the sentiment that, because of all the pink decorations, this would indeed be a real life Barbie dream house.

In fact the house was featured on HGTV Handmade; where they did a short tour around the place.

Believe it or not this wasn't the first "Barbie Dream House" in Texas

An Austin, Texas woman's house was called "The Barbie Dream House" because of her giant Barbie collection...over 500 different dolls in her massive collection. However unlike the Pink A Frame, she doesn't allow guests to come visit (unless perhaps you're a fellow Barbie lover?)


I will admit, there was a quite a lot of pink for my taste. If there were some rock posters/pictures of Barbie that resemble Maria Brink from In This Moment;

Carnival Of Madness Tour At The Joint At The Hard Rock
Getty Images

or it add an 80s vibe, I think I definitely would plan a stay. But if you're a huge Barbie fan, now you can rest assured there's a Texas-style Barbie dream house to stay for a night.

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