When you look back at your past relationships, did you ever get dumped in the worst way? I believe if you're going to end a relationship, have enough courtesy to do it in a respectful manner (unless the person is disrespectful).

Kathyp5 either could relate to the scene above from Sex and The City or was trying to send a message with this clip. Buzzfeed gathered up 18 horrifying break ups that will make you feel relieved (if you're single) and stress free. If you have NEVER been dumped in a immature way, then props to you and those partners. I've had a couple rough break ups which I got dumped through a text and for reasons that aren't legitimate. In the video above from Sex and The City Carrie gets dumped through a post it! That has got to be the worst way to realize your relationship has reached game over status. The worst part is when she slept with Burger the night before and wakes up the next morning to a post it delivering the breakup message. The ladies start discussing their horrible breakups and make a text seem not so bad.

If you're contemplating on ending your relationship, just do it in a mature matter so you don't ruin your image.

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